Sara Kwon – TCG Intern

Sarah Kwon was born and raised in Los Angeles and has recently moved to New York City where she attends New York University. She is currently finishing up her undergraduate studies in Politics with a minor in Creative Writing. She will be graduating a year early in the summer of 2014 and she is happy to be spending her last semester with NYU abroad at their Paris site.

Sarah has recently started to get interested in non-profit work, more at the international scale. Specifically she is interested in transitioning democracies and comparative politics. And she hopes to pursue her studies in these fields in graduate school.

Outside of her academic endeavors, Sarah is also involved with her NYU campus fellowship, Remnant Christian Fellowship, which is affiliated with NY-based church, Remnant Westside Church. She was most recently been involved in RWC’s missions effort in Romania last summer. And she has served in Arizona and Guatemala with another church based in Los Angeles.

Sarah is also an alumna of California Rangers, a non-profit youth equestrian organization modeled after the equestrian Calvary of the 1800s. And while she is no longer a part of the organization, she still enjoys riding horses every chance she gets whenever she is back home in Los Angeles. Sarah also holds an 1-geup level in Kumdo, a modern Korean martial art modeled after the Japanese Kendo. Sarah values all the lessons she has learned from participating in these activities such as commitment, discipline, and hard work.