TCG Weekly Digest – July 24th, 2015



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July 24, 2015

PollsClinton jumps 35 points, Sanders solid at 22%.
2016 Democratic Presidential Nomination
: Clinton 57, Sanders 22, Biden, Webb 5, O’Malley 2, Chafee 3(Public Policy Polling)

Trump ahead at 19%, up by 2 points.
2016 Republican Presidential NominationTrump 19, Walker 17, Bush 12, Rubio 10, Carson 10, Huckabee 8, Paul 4, Cruz 4, Christie 3, Kasich 3, Perry 1, Fiorina 4, Santorum 1, Jindal 1, Graham 0(Public Policy Polling)

2016 Presidential Campaigns

Praise for Candidate #16: “John Kasich is refreshingly direct, and his willingness to adopt unpopular positions is admirable. Can it sell in a Republican primary? It’s good news for the party, and the country, that Kasich is going to find out.”  Editors, Bloomberg [More] 
“Seemingly lost in the all the “Donaldfoolery” of late is that a real candidate announced his bid for the Republican nomination.”
John Zogby, Forbes [More]

Dem dust up: “Black Lives Matter protesters interrupted Democratic presidential candidates Martin O’Malley, (TCG speaker), former governor of Maryland, and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) during their appearances Saturday at Netroots Nation, a progressive conference being held in Phoenix this year.O’Malley was interrupted after just one question during a panel discussion with Jose Antonio Vargas,(TCG American Spirit Award winner for Citizen Activism) and Sanders had barely begun speaking before he was cut off…While O’Malley and Sanders had a difficult time speaking on Saturday, formerSecretary of State Hillary Clinton, the front-runner for the Democratic nomination, chose not to attend the conference and was campaigning in Arkansas instead.”
Sam Levine, The Huffington Post 

Third party threat: Donald Trump has been roiling Republicans by attacking his rivals on their weak poll numbers and questioning their energy (Jeb Bush) and intelligence (Rick Perry). But the larger threat that he poses to the party is the prospect that he could opt out and run as a third-party candidate. True to form, Mr. Trump is keeping the option open.”  
Alan Rappeport, New York Times [More]

Voting Rights

Rewriting the Voting Rights Act may now have bipartisan support:  “Last year, House Democrats saw ex-Majority Leader Eric Cantor as a possible (if ultimately disappointing) ally in the fight to rewrite the Voting Rights Act for the 21st century. On Tuesday, Cantor’s leadership successor, Kevin McCarthy,might have revealed himself as another important potential friend to the effort.”
Emma Dumain, Roll Call [More]

More on TCG Community in the News

Kenneth Rogoff (TCG speaker), a Harvard University professor and former chief economist at the International Monetary Fund , has joined to the Council on Foreign Relations as a senior fellow for economics in the Maurice R. Greenberg Center for Geoeconomic Studies.” [More]

Vice President Biden’s national security adviser, Colin Kahl (TCG speaker), has been helping brief US leaders on the Iran deal. [More]