TCG Weekly Digest – September 18th, 2015


Week ending September 18, 2015

Weekly roundup about our democracy and The Common Good community


Dems:  Clinton leads in Florida but Sanders still ahead in New Hampshire poll.  

Florida: Clinton 55%, Sanders 18%, Biden 17%, O’Malley 2%, Chafee 1%, Webb 1% ,  PPP Poll RealClearPolitics [More]

New Hampshire:  Sanders 35% Clinton 31% Biden 14% Webb 2% O’Malley 1% Chafee 1%,

Over half (56%) view Clinton favorably, and just 51% say she is “honest and trustworthy.”

Biden  (66% favorable) and Sanders (64% favorable) do better.

WBUR Poll, RealClearPolitics  [More]

GOP:  PRE-GOP Debate:  Trump bests Bush on home ground in Florida:  

Trump 28%, Carson 17%, Bush 13%, Rubio 10%, Cruz 9%, Fiorina 7%, Kasich 5%, Huckabee 3%,

Walker 2%, Christie 2%, Jindal 1%, Santorum 1%, Paul 0%, PPP Poll RealClearPolitics  [More]

Michigan primary a dead heat:  Carson beats Trump by 2 points, within the margin of error.

Carson 24% Trump 22% Bush 8% Huckabee 6% Rubio 4% Cruz 3% Fiorina 3% Kasich 2%

RealClearPolitics [More]

2016 Presidential Campaign

Republicans turn on Trump: “Several Republican presidential candidates showed new aggressiveness in lacing into Donald J. Trump on Wednesday night.”  Jonathan Martin and Patrick Healy, New York Times [More]

Carly Fiorina gains traction in debate: “With Hillary Rodham Clinton’s popularity falling among women as questions about her honesty and integrity continue to shroud her, many Republicans are beginning to see Mrs. Fiorina as someone who, if she is not the presidential nominee, is a much more serious contender for the vice-presidential nomination or a large leadership role of some kind within the party.” Jeremy W. Peters, New York Times [More]

Sanders won the GOP debate – on Facebook: Sanders posted the single most popular Facebook post of the night. Neetzan Zimmerman, The Hill [More]

Signs Biden is going to run?: “Biden’s visits Thursday to Michigan and Ohio are being closely watched for signs he’s gauging his support in two battleground states that typically play a key role in electing the next president. His usual vice presidential appearances have taken on the air of campaign stops, with supporters cheering “Run, Biden, Run” at nearly every stop.” Julie Carr Smyth and Andrew Welsh-Huggins, The Associated Press [More]

Wall Street fearful Trump could win: “The real estate billionaire, who took another populist shot on Sunday by ripping into lavish executive pay, continues to rise in the polls… Says one CEO, ‘Right now people think Trump is pretty hilarious but the longer it goes on the more frightening it gets.’” Ben White, Politico [More]

Nate Silver: Trump has 5% chance of winning: “If you look back at history, you’ve never seen candidates like Donald Trump certainly or Ben Carson win a party nomination. And secondly, if you look at the polling, a lot of times a candidate who is leading the polls now mid-September didn’t win the nomination, didn’t even come close.”   Nate Silver, Anderson Cooper 360 [More]

The Economy

The Federal Reserve leaves interest rates unchanged: “A large majority of Fed officials still believe the central bank will raise rates before year-end, but the central bank showed a bit less conviction on that point.”  Jon Hilsenrath, Wall Street Journal [More]

Fed causes stock freakout- Market swoons The Dow dropped 289 points on Friday. Stephen Gandel, Fortune [More]

Standard & Poor’s downgrades Japan’s rating:  It has “left the onus on Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his Cabinet to consider a fiscal stimulus package to boost …a lackluster recovery in the second half of the year so far.” Keiko Ujikane, Bloomberg Business [More]

Foreign Relations and National Security

Iran poised to become a major natural Gas Producer to EU: “Iran could become a major supplier of natural gas to the EU by the end of the next decade, according to new estimates from the bloc’s executive” Gabriele Steinhauser and Laurence Norman, Wall Street Journal [More]

At least eight tourists are dead in friendly fire in Egypt by government forces: “The episode marks the first time Egyptian security forces have killed tourists in a continuing campaign against an insurgency that has escalated sharply over the past two years.” Tamer El-Ghobashy, Wall Street Journal [More]

Obama and Khamenei both being challenged in different ways:Ayatollah Khamenei, who appears to have let the Iran nuclear deal go forward even though he has neither publicly endorsed nor opposed the deal, won’t permit closer ties between Iran and the U.S. because he knows that if he opens the door to U.S. diplomats, businesses and entrepreneurs, the flow of American influence into Iran will become even more uncontrollable.” Haleh Esfandiari and Robert S. Litwak, Wall Street Journal [More]

A change in Australia’s leadership: Malcolm Turnbull is the new Prime Minister of Australia. The Economist [More]

Migrants stalled at Hungarian border: “Hungary sealed two transit points from Serbia, as tough penalties for breaking through its newly-fenced border came into effect.” Gerald Seib, Wall Street Journal [More]

Ultra liberal Jeremy Corbyn becomes Labor Party candidate: Jeremy Corbyn, The Guardian [More]
Netanyahu’s contradictory plans: Netanyahu’s complaint is not with the Iran deal. It is with the notion that one can deal with Iran. Like many of his Republican allies on Capitol Hill, he sees this deal as a defeat because it brought about neither complete capitulation by Iran at the negotiating table nor the demise of the Iranian regime. Netanyahu’s worldview is Manichaean; there is good, there is evil, and good people don’t do business with evil.” Jeffrey Goldberg, The Atlantic [More]

Turkey stability is increasingly in question ‘Turkey is on the brink of a civil war.’ This is how Selahattin Demirtas, the co-chairman of the pro-Kurdish bloc in the Turkish parliament, the Peoples’ Democracy Party (HDP), chillingly described the spiraling violence that has engulfed Turkey after a two-year ceasefire between rebels of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) and the Turkish army ended in July.” Amberin Zaman, Al-Monitor [More]

Sachs: U.S. policy in Syria needs help:  The “current approach – a two-front war against the Islamic State and President Bashar al-Assad’s regime – has failed miserably. The solution to the Syrian crisis, including the growing refugee crisis in Europe, must run through the United Nations Security Council…. If the US wants better results, it should stop going it alone.” Jeffrey D. Sachs (Former TCG Speaker), Project Syndicate [More]

Domestic Affairs

Polls show common ground among Americans on some stronger gun laws, in wake of spate of deadly shootings: “Take three specific proposals: Adding background checks to private gun sales, banning people with mental illnesses from buying guns and creating a federal database to track gun sale. Public support for these changes range from very strong to overwhelming, according to a Pew Research Center poll.” Mark Berman, Washington Post [More]

Kentucky clerk who wouldn’t marry same-sex couples jailed, will not resign: Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis rejected a deal on Thursday that would have allowed her to leave jail if she would agree to give her deputy clerks authority to issue the licenses. Nick Gass, POLITICO [More]

Obama in Alaska urging global action on climate change:  “In a state heavily dependent on oil. Obama capitalized on a backdrop of “melting glaciers, crumbling permafrost and rising sea levels to illustrate the immediacy of the issue he hopes to make a central element of his legacy.” Julie Hirschfield Davis, New York Times [More]

More from the TCG Community

Judge Jed Rakoff (TCG ASA Awardee) speaks to FT on mass incarceration in America: “If we continue at the current rate, one out of three African-American males will spend time in prison in their lifetime. It’s incredible. And it will have devastating effects on them, their families and their communities,” he says.” Kara Scannell, Financial Times [More]


“Vigilance” Memoir by Ray Kelly (TCG Speaker): “Some of these [New York City] measures didn’t always sit well with the federal agencies, but leaving the city’s security in federal hands hadn’t worked out so well for New York.  America’s top target had to face reality: no one would ever protect New York as well as New Yorkers.” Ray Kelly (TCG Speaker) (Excerpt from Vanity Fair) [More]

Cong. John Lewis reviews “Give Us the Ballot” by Ari Berman (TCG Speaker): “Berman ably shows the systematic, persistent counterattacks of the Reagan and Bush Justice Departments in coordination with the Federalist Society, the White House and ultimately the Supreme Court to undo the advances of 1965.” Congressman John Lewis (TCG ASA Awardee), Washington Post [More]

Book Review- “The Silo Effect” by  Gillian Tett (TCG Speaker): [Tett] applies her anthropologist’s lens to the problem of why so many organizations still suffer from a failure to communicate.” Philip Delves Broughton, Wall Street Journal [More]

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