The Common Good Forum & American Spirit Awards – May 10, 2019

What a day!

What a phenomenal and inspiring day! Our experts led thought-provoking discussions on the most significant ideas and issues in the news today. Our awardees were moving and uplifting. While many of our speakers warned us of the challenges ahead, our awardees reminded us of the best of the American spirit. Photo Gallery Below.

Just a few highlights:

From Left: Tom Brokaw, Sir Harry Evans, Lesley Stahl, John Avlon, Preet Bharara, Bill Browder.

From Left: Alan Schwartz, Stephanie Ruhle, Ambassador Nicholas Burns, Ambassador Bill Burns, fmr. Congresswoman Jane Harman, Edward Luce

From Left: Errol Louis, fmr. Senator Claire McCaskill, Matt Bennett, fmr. Congressman Steve Israel, Rick Tyler, Margaret Hoover

From Left: Michael Waldman, Max Boot, Ari Melber, Nicole Austin-Hillery, Cohen Curtis

From Left: Juju Chang, fmr. Congresswoman Mia Love, Sally Quinn, Kay Koplovitz, Alessandra Stanley

From Left: Wendy Pangburn, Patricia Duff, Emily Rafferty, Juju Chang, Karri Brady. Major General (ret.) Dr. Robert Latiff, Sharon Patrick, Jamie Margolin, Alexandria Villaseñor, Senator Doug Jones, Patricia Duff

Two of our incredible participants, Bill Browder and Congresswoman Jane Harman, were also featured on MSNBC with Stephanie Ruhle for their expertise after the Forum [click to view]:





And many of our participants and esteemed audience members  took to Twitter to share what they learned at the Forum and their enjoyment: