Letter to President Donald Trump

Below you will find the letter to urge President Donald Trump to support the American Museum of Women’s History. This is part of a continual effort to create a long-overdue museum to honor the remarkable accomplishments of America’s women who have shattered historic barriers and enriched our nation’s history.

Dear President Donald Trump:

Please support the American Museum of Women’s History in Washington, D.C. as recommended by the Congressional Commission to Congress. This new museum will tell the stories, celebrate the accomplishments and illuminate American women’s history in ways that will inspire and inform people of all ages and all walks of life.

Abigail Adams, wife of founding father John Adams, famously admonished her husband to “Remember the ladies!” We are asking you to Remember the Women who, since the nation’s beginnings, have made dramatic contributions to every facet of our country’s growth and progress. These accomplishments should be acknowledged and honored.

Furthermore, how we honor the achievements of great American women of the past is a barometer of how we feel about our women of today. By supporting the American Museum of Women’s History, you will be cherishing the historic women of our past; and you will also inspire future generations of young girls and women to reach for the highest heights.

As our new President, we encourage you to pave the way for the construction of this new historical museum during your first 100 days.

Many thanks for your consideration.


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Address Letter To:
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington, DC 20500