Governor Mario Cuomo


Governor Mario Cuomo ✝

Former Governor of New York

Mario Cuomo was born to Andrea and Immaculata Cuomo on June 15th, 1932, in Queens, New York. He was the son of Italian immigrants. In Cuomo’s early years he attended Saint John’s University, summa cum laude in 1953. He then attended St. John’s School of Law, and graduated tied for the top of his class in 1956. Cuomo became an advisor to Judge Adrian P. Burke that same year and then entered private practice in 1958. Cuomo also was a professor at St. John’s law school throughout the sixties, and chaired the University Alumni Federation.

In 1986 and 1990 Cuomo won the highest Margin ever for re-election to a second and third four year term. Cuomo became an extremely popular political figure. Cuomo made New York nationally known for progressive legislation. In his tenure Cuomo improved roads, re-vitalized education and infrastructure of New York City. Cuomo also created a large homeless assistance program, created investment in many high tech facilities, created programs to deal with AIDS and the mentally ill.

In 1978, incumbent Lieutenant Governor Krupsak declined to seek re-election. Cuomo easily won the primary for Lieutenant Governor.

Mr. Cuomo passed away at the age of 82 on January 1st, 2015.

The Common Good was honored to host Mr. Cuomo in May of 2011: Manhattan Society: The Common Good Hosts Screening for “Living for 32”.