At The Common Good we host speakers who have done good and continue to do good. Our speakers come from incredibly diverse occupational, cultural, and social backgrounds. Whether they are politicians, thought leaders, media figures, activists, historians, actors, diplomats, we always have speakers who can inform, engage, and empower our audiences.

Our speakers often speak in conjunction with hot button issues. We have had speakers speak in conjunction to:

  • Book releases
  • Company launches
  • Commentary on elections here and abroad
  • Anniversaries of historical events
  • Pressing changes in our national and international affairs
  • Movie releases/screenings

However, we host many of our speakers to ensure invaluable voices and insights can be shared with our audiences and the public regardless – this is crucial to ensuring a healthy democracy.

Are you a speaker who would like to be hosted by The Common Good? Email thecommongood@thecommongood.net with your name, occupation, and topic outline for what you would like to speak about.

What do these historymakers have in common?

George W. Bush ∙ Barack Obama ∙ Arianna Huffington
John McCain ∙ Bill Clinton ∙ Lesley Stahl
Michael Bloomberg ∙ David Petraeus ∙ Preet Bharara
Gloria Steinem ∙ Nancy Pelosi ∙ Henry Kissinger
Tom Brokaw ∙ John Kerry ∙ Denzel Washington
Kellyanne Conway ∙ Alec Baldwin ∙ Lindsey Graham
Eric Schmidt ∙ Mitch McConnell

*They are among many of the speakers who have appeared at The Common Good.

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