Madeleine Zaritsky


madeleine zaritsky

Madeleine was an intern at The Common Good over the Summer of 2019, working on website design and research. She is a rising senior at BASIS Tucson North High School and is planning to double major in Public Policy and Environmental Science in the hopes of implementing policies to mitigate the effects and severity of climate change.

As a student, Madeleine has founded and managed many school-based community organizations, such as The Initiative for Young People in STEM. As the director of this association, she schedules in-school lectures given by university professors on the pressing issues of our time, including overpopulation, food scarcity, and global warming. She has joined The Common Good in order to have a more active role in politics and to gain a different perspective on our democracy.

In her free time, Madeleine likes to read in English and Spanish, draw and paint, and travel with her family.