Steven Brill - Veteran Journalist Interviewed in Politico


The Common Good is very proud of the work our Honorary Advisory Board members do and insight they provide. Recently, TCG Honorary Advisory Board member Steven Brill, lawyer and journalist-entrepreneur who The American Lawyer magazine and Court TV, was featured in Politico Magazine for his expertise as a veteran journalist who covered President Clinton’s impeachment trial. They interviewed him for their report “Trump's House allies lie in wait for Mueller”, which explores how Special Counsel Robert Mueller Congressional testimony may impact the current conversations around impeachment. It is important to hear from experts like Brill to better understand our contemporary political issues and outcomes:


Ironically, the thing that might hurt the president the most is the tea party people who will ask Mueller probably the most hostile questions,” said Steven Brill, a veteran journalist who covered Clinton’s impeachment and later founded the cable channel Court TV. “It seems to me the most likely drama is they’re going to step in it by asking some hostile questions not based in anything.

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