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David Hogg is a survivor of the tragic shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. At only 19, he is part of a new generation of student activists and leaders who are fighting for gun reform and an end to senseless gun violence. Hogg, with his peers, is turning tragedy into a growing movement, inspiring millions across the country.


  • Hogg was one of the main organizers of the March for Our Lives in 2018, which was the largest single day protest against gun violence in history. Here, he made a moving speech to a passionate crowd.

  • He can be seen on many talk shows, discussing his activism, encouraging others to join him, and sharing his story with the country.

  • He helped register over 800,000 new voters

  • An integral aspect of Hogg’s activism is that he uses social media to encourage action, spread awareness, and effect change. He uses his social media as a platform to join his generation together to demand the change they wish to see from the government.

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Hogg was presented The Common Good’s Changemaker Award on May 21, 2018 by Mayor Michael Bloomberg. The award acknowledges Hogg’s activism and inspiring dedication end Gun violence, an issue deeply personal to him. In his acceptance speech, Hogg asks for people to ignore their political parties and come together as Americans to fight for the lives of each other and the future of our country

Twitter: @davidhogg111

Instagram: @davidmileshogg

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