WHO IS A changemaker?

We believe even young people - perhaps especially young people -- can make a difference. And we want to encourage that spark for making the world better.

The Common Good Changemaker Scholarship is a program that recognizes young individuals who are doing good now who are the leaders of tomorrow.

TCG Changemakers have gone above and beyond to fight for causes that affect not only themselves, but their communities, the nation, and sometimes even the world. Changemakers have seen wrongs that need righting and have answered the call to action – whether it is turning from tragedy after surviving a school shooting to fight for gun reform, or tacking from feeling helpless about wildfire devastation to demanding action to address climate change.

TCG Changemakers have become activists who are wise beyond their years and who are already leaving a genuine imprint on our nation and the world. We hope to encourage youth engagement by amplifying their voices and supporting their studies.

Previous TCG Changemaker Scholarship Recipients

alexandria villasenor receiving scholarship the common good changemaker

Alexandria Villasenor

“When I started my climate strike at the UN HQ…I didn’t even know what being an activist was about. I just knew something was wrong in the world and I had to take action.

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david hogg receiving scholarship the common good changemaker

David Hogg

“In these times of tragedy and divisiveness, the one thing that brings us all together is our unity and strength…so that we can fight for those who no longer can.”

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jamie margolin scholarship the common good changemaker

Jamie Margolin

“I don’t want to normalize the fact that kids…are being awarded for fighting to prevent the end of the world…We, the youth, need your help. We need your action.”

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What do Changemakers receive?

Each of student we honor is beginning a journey. We see their promise and we share their dreams. We want to encourage and help them as they set out on their journeys and see where they take us.

Once becoming a TCG Changemaker, we ensure that these incredible young individuals continue their bright trailblazing paths ahead. Some of the opportunities our Changemakers receive include:

  • The $2,500 Changemaker Scholarship for their education.

  • Invitation to The Common Good Forum & American Spirit Awards the year they receive the award. Changemakers are honored, presented with their scholarship check and Changemaker prize by a notable individual, and give acceptance speeches.

  • Invitations to future TCG events and Forums.

  • Social media promotion of our Changemakers and the accomplishments that lead to their Scholarship.

  • TCG Changemakers will always have a home at The Common Good and on our website and we will recognize their continued efforts.

Who qualifies as a Changemaker?

Do you think you could be a TCG Changemaker - or do you know someone else who may qualify as one? 

Read the following criteria and check for a match! The Common Good Scholarship awardees should be:

  • Under the age of 21 and getting ready to attend or currently matriculated at college.

  • Have experience to share working for a cause you care about and believe is fundamental to societal progress.

  • Have made an impact in your local community and/or wider national community


To nominate yourself or someone you know as a Changemaker, for further information about the Scholarship program, or to donate to fund a future Changemaker, email:


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