ambassador Nicholas  the common good

Ambassador Nicholas Burns

Burns’ has had a long and distinguished diplomatic career under both Democratic and Republican presidents…

nypd police commissioner william bill bratton the common good

NY Police Commissioner William Bratton

Bratton is one of the world’s most respected and trusted experts on risk and security issues….

steven brill the common good

Steven Brill

Brill is a unique combination of esteemed journalist, entrepreneur, and academic thought leader…

james clapper the common good

James Clapper

Clapper served as the fourth United States Director of National Intelligence—the United States’ top intelligence officer…

secretary jeh johnson the common good

Secretary Jeh Johnson

Johnson has had a very distinguished career in both public service and private corporate law practice.

kay koplovitz the common good

Kay Koplovitz

Television pioneer and business magnate, Koplovitz became the first woman to serve as a network president after founding USA network…

governor ed rendell the common good

Governor Ed Rendell

Rendell spent 24 years as an elected official including tenures as Mayor of Philadelphia and 45th Governor of Pennsylvania….

the common good nouriel roubini.jpg

Nouriel Roubini

Roubini is a leading and globally renowned influential economist…

silda wall spitzer the common good

Silda Wall Spitzer

Spitzer is Senior Advisor, NewWorld Capital Group and also Co-Founder and CEO of…

robert wolf the common good

Robert Wolf

Wolf is a leading financier and influential business leader. He is the founder and CEO of 32 Advisors, and the Chairman and Co-Founder of Measure…

mario cuomo the common good

Governor Mario Cuomo

Cuomo served three terms as Governor of New York and won national popularity as the voice of progressive vision…