government shutdown the common good

35 days, longest shutdown on record

$11 billion, federal government shutdown cost on the economy*

$3 billion, permanently lost economic activity*

*According to the Congressional Budget Office

The longest federal government shutdown on record took an enormous toll on government workers, forced to work without a paycheck, and were left helpless for over a month as costs mounted from rent dues, healthcare needs, and family expenses.

There are two proposals getting bipartisan traction from Senators Rob Portman [R-Ohio] and Mark Warner [D-VA]:

rob portman the common good


ABOUT: If a spending bill is undecided at the end of the fiscal year the government will remain funded at the same rate as the previous year, reduced by 1% every few months. MORE

“I’ve said repeatedly throughout this process that government shutdowns are a bad idea, They hurt federal employees and their families, disrupt critical government services and increase the cost to taxpayers…Let’s do something about it now while the pain and inefficiency of this moment is fresh on our minds.” – Senator Rob Portman, [R-Ohio]


mark warner the common good


ABOUT: In case of a future funding standoff the entire government will automatically stay running, with the exception of the legislative branch and the Executive Office of the President. MORE

“More than a little bit of common sense tells me that we wouldn’t be here 35 days into this shutdown if all our staffs were experiencing the same kind of shortfall and economic distress that 800,000 of our fellow federal workers experienced.” – Senator Mark Warner, [D-VA]

 Democratic and Republican lawmakers are coming together to propose these types of legislation to end this egregious and irresponsible tactic used by the Executive and Legislative branch - read more about these efforts HERE.

Join the push to make this shutdown the last. Call your Representative and Senator and urge them to support legislation that will end the use of government shutdowns and help restore responsible governance.