Congressman Jerry Nadler: What Every Voter Should Know

The Common Good hosted a lunch discussion with Congressman Jerry Nadler about voter suppression and how money in politics may effect upcoming elections.

Jerry Nadler not only represents New York well, but he has represented the United States very well.
— Former President Bill Clinton

Congressman Jerrold “Jerry” Nadler represents the Eighth Congressional District of New York, which includes much of the West Side of Manhattan, the Financial District and a number of diverse neighborhoods in southwestern Brooklyn.  He began his political career in 1976 in the New York State Assembly, where he served for 16 years.  In 1992, following the death of Congressman Ted Weiss, Nadler was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in a special election and has served in Congress ever since.  He was re-elected to his tenth full term in 2010, receiving over 75 percent of the vote.

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