Governor Tim Kaine on the Election Cycle


The Common Good had a luncheon discussion with former Governor of Virginia, former head of the DNC, and current Senate candidate Tim Kaine.

Governor Kaine, whose experience as Virginia’s 70th Governor offered a model for economic growth and reform, shared his views on the critical economic issues in the election cycle and what changes he believes should be implement to create a stronger and fairer economic system in our country.


Tim Kaine has served people throughout his adult life as a missionary, fair housing attorney, teacher and elected official. 

Tim grew up in Kansas City, working in his father’s ironworking shop, where he learned the values of thrift and hard work.  He graduated from the University of Missouri and Harvard Law School.

Tim began his public service career when he took a year off law school to work with Jesuit missionaries in Honduras.  He served as principal of a technical school that taught teenagers carpentry and welding.  There, Tim committed his life to serving others and grasped the power of education to enable each person to live up to their God-given potential.

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