Meet & Greet: Senator John Walsh

Incumbent Democratic Senator John Walsh was bidding for a second term in the Treasure State in the 2014 elections. Despite primary opposition and a Republican opponent who was polling 14 points ahead, Walsh counted on the appeal of his career in uniform, experience as lieutenant governor, and recent role as appointed Senator.

This race was considered one of the most important of the 2014 election cycle, as Republicans mounted an aggressive, well-funded campaign to reclaim a Senate seat they have not held in a century.


As a battalion commander, John Walsh led more than 700 men and women overseas to Iraq in the largest deployment of Montana National Guard soldiers and airmen since WWII. During his time as adjutant general, John championed the Yellow Ribbon program, an initiative that provides valuable resources to National Guard members and their families at all stages of their deployment and ensures Guard members get their well-earned services and benefits when they return home.

After 33 years of distinguished service, John retired from the National Guard and was elected by the people of Montana to the office of Lieutenant Governor, serving with Governor Steve Bullock. As Montana’s 30th Lieutenant Governor, Walsh fought to balance the budget, enact tax cuts for small businesses, invest in Montana’s schools, and toughen laws against child abuse.


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