The Changing World Order: Richard Haass

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With President Trump, foreign policy issues are front and center. New ballistic missiles tested by North Korea, possible Russian interference in our election, a US attack on a terrorist site in Yemen and loss of a Navy Seal, new restrictions on visitors from six Middle Eastern nations, conflicting statements of policy to European allies and others from various administration officials - these are just some of the most recent issues raised within the first two months of the new administration.

Richard Haass addressed the current issues and the critically important long-term trends around the globe that challenge the relative stability of our post-World War II geopolitical and economic framework. How do we navigate, as Haass puts it, a “world in disarray”? A timely discussion with one of the globe’s top foreign policy practitioners, authors, and thought leaders.

Dr. Richard Haass is at the apex of expertise and leadership in foreign affairs and national security as President of the Council on Foreign Relations- a position he has held for fourteen years. Until 2003, Richard Haass was director of policy planning for the Department of State, where he was a principal adviser to Secretary of State Colin Powell on a broad range of foreign policy concerns. Richard Haass is also the author or editor of eleven books on American foreign policy, including his recent book, A World in Disarray. He regularly writes and speaks on global issues.

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