New York Social Diary: Debbie’s Week at a Glance - Movie Stars, Birthday Girls, Presidential Candidates, and a Little Razzle Dazzle


Patricia Duff [and I] were hosting a meet and greet with Congressman Seth Moulton of Massachusetts at my house a half hour from then. Patricia is the founder of the non-partisan political organization, The Common Good…I have been a fan of the Congressman and am even more so after meeting him. Young, bright, via Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government and their Business School, four tours of duty as a Marine in Iraq, winner of the Bronze Star. And didn’t tell anyone. His family read about it in the paper. Policies based on common sense, reason and experience. And he’s movie star handsome, has a divine, accomplished wife Liz, and perfect, nine-month-old Emmy…Does he have a shot? The Times ran a pictorial, front page story, the day after our event, about his earnest, though not well known enough, candidacy. If not now, someday, for sure. Mark my words.

Read more about our event with Congressman Moulton here, and read the full article here.