The Guardian: Parkland survivor David Hogg aims to 'create the NRA – except for the opposite issues'


The Common Good was honored to recognize the work of student gun reform activist David Hogg with the Changemaker Scholarship for Citizen Activism. Former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg presented him the award at The Common Good Forum 2018. This award is a notable achievement that marks Hogg’s remarkable impact at such a young age, and the press have taken note:

On Monday, the former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg presented Hogg with an award for citizen activism from The Common Good, a non-profit founded by entertainment industry leaders. Bloomberg, a billionaire gun control advocate who funds the country’s largest gun violence prevention group, Everytown for Gun Safety, was previously one of the NRA’s most reviled opponents. Bloomberg called Hogg “an inspiring young man”. He also presented Hogg with a check for $2,500 to go towards his future college tuition. His advice to the 18-year-old, Bloomberg said, was to “start out by finishing high school and then go to college”. […]

- Loris Beckett for The Guardian US

You can read The Guardian’s entire profile on our Changemaker here.