Isabel Wilson


Isabel Wilson


Isabel is a current intern at The Common Good. Her previous work experience includes: management, administration, events, and education. She completed an internship for the Government Relations Department at the New York Public Library just before beginning work with us. Isabel is currently pursuing her undergraduate degree in Human Rights and Global Storytelling at the Gallatin School of Individualized Study within NYU.

In her free time Isabel enjoys volunteering at animal shelters, reading, writing, babysitting, practicing french, singing, and spending time with her younger sisters.

Audrey Kuhnle


Audrey Kuhnle


LinkedIn: @AudreyKuhnle

Audrey is currently an intern at The Common Good. She is currently a senior at John Jay College of Criminal Justice where she majors in International Criminal Justice and minors in Political Science. Following graduation, Audrey is hoping to obtain a masters in Foreign Service to achieve work for the U.S. Department of State.

Audrey has previously interned at the New York State Assembly with Assembly member Kieran Lalor. Following the completion of the internship, she continued to work at the State Assembly with Michael Cusick’s office, assisting in legislative work until the end of the 2019 session.

In her free time, she is an avid soccer player and also enjoys to travel.

Myffanwy Cheng-Thomas


Myffanwy Cheng - Thomas

Myffanwy interned at The Common Good from June to August of 2019. She worked in public affairs, communications and marketing, committing her time to social media outreach, website design, event set-up and research. She was also responsible for archiving all previous events held at The Common Good.

Having worked previously for State Assemblyman Thomas Abinanti and the YWCA, she has joined the team to contribute her skills to the organization. Currently, she studies at one of the top business schools in France, ESSEC, in their global BBA program.

In her free time Myffanwy enjoys giving back to the community, writing, learning languages, drawing, reading and playing music.

Alex Janowicz


Alex Janowicz

Alex was an intern at The Common Good over the Summer of 2019, working on web design, event organization, and research projects. He is a rising junior at Colby College where he studies government and economics. After graduating, he plans to pursue a career in law.

In addition to his work at TCG, Alex is also the Treasurer and CLO of Vienna Capital, a private investment company he co-founded in March, 2019. There, among other things, he is working on pursuing litigation against FINRA and the SEC to challenge an unconstitutional regulation.

For leisure, Alex enjoys playing rock paper scissors, running, and drawing.

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Madeleine Zaritsky


madeleine zaritsky

Madeleine was an intern at The Common Good over the Summer of 2019, working on website design and research. She is a rising senior at BASIS Tucson North High School and is planning to double major in Public Policy and Environmental Science in the hopes of implementing policies to mitigate the effects and severity of climate change.

As a student, Madeleine has founded and managed many school-based community organizations, such as The Initiative for Young People in STEM. As the director of this association, she schedules in-school lectures given by university professors on the pressing issues of our time, including overpopulation, food scarcity, and global warming. She has joined The Common Good in order to have a more active role in politics and to gain a different perspective on our democracy.

In her free time, Madeleine likes to read in English and Spanish, draw and paint, and travel with her family.

Alesia Radzyminski


Alesia Radzyminski

Alesia was an intern at The Common Good over the Summer of 2019. Previously, she volunteered at StreetSquash, where she coached squash, tutored middle schoolers, created presentations, and organized filing systems.

She is a student at the Chapin School, and hopes to study International Journalism in college. She speaks English, Spanish, and Arabic, and loves to travel.

In her free time, she plays squash competitively, listens to music, reads, volunteers, and edits footage for a documentary project she is working on.

Read more by Alesia:

My American Story: Alesia Radzyminski’, The Common Good My American Story Project, 2 August 2019

Francesca Martini


Francesca Martini

Francesca was an intern at The Common Good over the Summer of 2019. She spent her time with the organization redesigning the website, conducting research, and setting up events. She is currently pursuing a major in Political Science with minors in Philosophy and Statistics in the hopes of working in urban planning or criminal justice reform.

As a student at university, Francesca works as the editor for the US Section of a non-partisan political magazine organized by the school’s institute of politics, and associate editor of the undergraduate law magazine. She used the experience she has gained researching and writing about democracy and justice to further The Common Good’s mission.

Read more by Francesca:

Artificial Intelligence and Military Engagement’, The Common Good Insights & Opinions, 9 July 2019

Lily Kaye


Lily Kaye

Lily interned with The Common Good in June and July of 2019, working on updating TCG’s website, conducting research, and organizing events. She is currently an undergraduate at Duke University studying Public Policy and Economics. 

At Duke, Lily is a staff writer for a student magazine, The Standard, an Agent at an on-campus leadership program called Duke Launch, and a part of the Outing Club. In Durham, she volunteers at a non-partisan non-profit called Democracy North Carolina which is focused on increasing voter education and turnout in North Carolina.

Read more by Lily:

Nouriel Roubini - Economic Expert's Take on China-US Trade War’, The Common Good: Members in Action, 2 July 2019

Brandon Peart-Wright


Brandon Peart-Wright

Brandon interned at the Common Good from June to August of 2019. He helped to update the organization’s website, organizes paperwork, helped with events, and assisted in office management.

Brandon had previously attended Nassau Community College and now currently attends Binghamton University where he studies Political Science. Along with his studies he also interns for the federal program TRIO (SSS) as both a TRIO writing tutor and a TRIO mentor. He also actively participates in Binghamton’s model UN club.

In his free time he likes to ski, longboard, listen to music and keep up with international politics.

Brandon’s LinkedIn page: @Brandon Peart-Wright

Read more by Brandon:

My American Story: Brandon Peart-Wright’, The Common Good My American Story Project, 2 August 2019

Joseph Djeljevic


Joseph Djeljevic

Joseph Djeljevic was an intern at The Common Good in June, July, and August of 2019. He volunteered at the 2019 The Common Good Forum prior to his internship. He worked on many tasks, including website design and archive management.

Joseph’s prior work entails freelance spreadsheet automation creating personalized documentation for individuals and non-profits. He currently studies Computer Science and Engineering at City College of New York CUNY.

In his free time he sharpens his video editing and Photoshop skills.