Trump & Global Trade (Dis)order

The Common Good was pleased to present a special conversation on new trade policies and likely impacts with impacts with the Honorable Paula Stern, former Chairwoman, US International Trade Commission; President, The Stern Group. Changes in our own hemisphere and in Europe, and potentially upend US economic growth and destabilize markets— or alternatively, grow American jobs and vastly improve US economic interests.

2018 signaled “the beginnings of a war of a different type: a trade war , an investment war and technology the two great powers of the 21st century, with an uncertain landing point”, warned Kevin Rudd, former Prime Mister of Australia.

Dr, Stern will discuss this very timely and important topic—current American trade policy in the Trump Era. Hosted by Jonathan Barnett.


The Hon. Paula Stern, founder of The Stern Group inc., has served under both Democratic and Republican administrations, as Chairwoman of the US International Trade Commission (ITC), from 1984-1986, and a Commissioner for a nine-year term. Dr, Stern analyzed and voted and voted out on over 1,000 trade cases involving a broad range of industries and issues. At the time, she was the second highest-ranking woman in the executive branches of the US government Dr.Stern is a member of the US Department of Commerce’s Advisory Committee on Renewable Energy and Efficiency. She has also served on the US President’s Advisory Committee on Trade Policy and Negotiation.


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