A Conversation with Rob Riemen, “To Fight Against This Age: On Fascism and Humanism”

The Common Good presented a special conversation with Rob Riemen, public intellectual and founder of the Nexus Institute in Amsterdam. Riemen offered a thoughtful meditation on the rise of authoritarian and xenophobic strains in many corners of contemporary Europe and beyond, and how the romanticization of authoritarianism in the western societies contributes to the steady erosion of democratic ideals. We ignore the new global changes at our own peril, is a warning that Riemen has sounded for some time that resonance in our hemisphere as well. Reimen’s latest book, “To Fight Against This Age: On Fascism and Humanism”, is already a bestseller in many countries.


Extremely relevant, urgent call to receive true democracy and acknowledge the perils of the fascist ideology
— Kirkus Review
This is a book for the people who want the West to regain its moral high ground, and who want to think hard about how to help help achieve that.
— Anne Applebaum
Rob Riemen is one of the great modern champions of the enlightenment and the best of its legacy.
— Sean Wilentz, author & historian


Rob Riemen, a European public intellectual and cultural critic, is the founder, president and CEO of the Nexus Institute, a leading international center for philosophical debate and and intellectual discourse. The Nexus Institute was founded in 1994 by Riemen to stimulate intellectual debate in the European tradition of humanism. The Nexus Institute is widely acknowledged for the quality of its insight into contemporary issues and an approach that offers the appreciation of the humanistic culture and philosophy as a counterweight to the dominance of commercial values in today’s society. Riemen has lectured around the world and is also an international best-selling author with a number of critically acclaimed publications.


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