Hurricanes, Climate, and Responsible Energy Policies for the Future


The Common Good Hosted a conversation with Dr. Lawrence Rocks, who provided us with an in-depth presentation on “Hurricanes, Climate, and Responsible Energy Policies for the Future”. Dr. Rocks is a distinguished chemist and energy expert who was instrumental in creating the US Department of Energy. Works of his, such as The Energy Crisis, have been cited by the Environmental Protection Agency and major publications such as The New York Times. He is one of the most credible and tireless voices of environmental protections. This event was hosted by Richard Farley.


Dr. Lawrence Rocks is a world renowned chemist, energy expert, and author. He authored the acclaimed book, The Energy Crisis and was influential in the creation of the US Department of Energy by the Carter administration. Dr. Rocks has been featured in Time Magazine and National Review. and has addressed the United Nations, appeared on the Today Show, To Tell The Truth, The Mike Douglas Show and the column in King Features Syndicate.


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