Midterm Elections Panel

Democrats had to defend more seats in the Senate and the Republicans clearly had districting in their favor for the House. The Common Good encouraged members to take a look beyond the numbers and the 24 hour news cycle for a dynamic and fascinating breakdown of the 2014 Elections with an incredible lineup of political experts.

The moderator was John Harwood, Chief Washington correspondent for CNBC and political journalist for The New York Times.

The panelist included: Patrick Caddell, Former Presidential pollster and Fox News contributor; Anna Greenberg, AAPC’s 2014 ‘’Pollster of the Year’’; Carol E. Lee, White House correspondent for The Wall Street Journal in the Washington bureau; Steve Kornacki, Host of “Up with Steve Kornacki”; Jim McLaughlin, President of McLaughlin & Associates and a nationally recognized Republican political strategist; and Jefrey Pollock, President of Global Strategy Group, LLC (GSG).     


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