John Harwood


John Harwood

American journalist

John Harwood is Chief Washington Correspondent for CNBC and a political writer for The New York Times. Harwood hosts the CNBC Digital original video series Speakeasy with John Harwood.

Harwood first joined The St. Petersburg Times, reporting on police, investigative projects, local government and politics. Later he became state capital correspondent in Tallahassee, Washington correspondent and political editor. While covering national politics, he also traveled extensively to South Africa, where he covered deepening unrest against the apartheid regime.

In 1989, Harwood was named a Nieman Fellow at Harvard University, where he spent the 1989-90 academic year. In 1991, he joined The Wall Street Journal as White House correspondent, covering the administration of the George H. W. Bush. Later Harwood reported on Congress. In 1997, he became The Wall Street Journal’s Political Editor and chief political correspondent. While at The Wall Street Journal, Harwood wrote the newspaper’s political column, Washington Wire, and oversaw the Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll. In March 2006, he joined CNBC as Chief Washington Correspondent.

In addition to CNBC, Harwood offers political analysis on NBC Nightly News and PBS’ Washington Week in Review, among other television and radio programs. Harwood has covered each of the last eight presidential elections.

Harwood was hosted by The Common Good at The Common Good Forum & American Spirit Awards 2018 and moderated the Midterm Elections Panel at The Common Good in 2014.

Twitter: @JohnJHarwood