Screening and Discussion of The Panama Papers

The Common Good is proud to present a screening and discussion of The Panama Papers moderated by Stephanie Ruhle with Kevin Hall, Robert Friedman, and Alex Winter. A riveting insider account of the story hundreds of journalists risked their lives to break, The Panama Papers, will take you behind the groundbreaking revelations of one of the biggest global corruption scandals in history — a vast a coordinated scheme by the world’s elite.

The Panama Papers is a feature documentary that charts the story of the massive data leak that exposed the largest global corruption scandal in history. Hundreds of journalists around the globe worked in secret, at great personal risk, to reveal a scandal involving corrupt power brokers, the uber rich, elected officials, dictators, cartel bosses, athletes and celebrities who had used the Panamanian law firm of Mossack Fonseca to hide their money for any number of illegal reasons. The reports detailed tax evasion, fraud, cronyism, bribing government officials, election meddling, and murder. The investigation proved that the system is rigged, and cracked the vault of well-kept secrets and ill-gotten wealth, revealing vast and coordinated corruption among the world’s elite. The significance for the average, tax paying, law-abiding citizen is enormous; with the leaks showing that at least $32 trillion was hiding in more than 80 tax havens in 2010 alone. But breaking the story was only the beginning. There was immediate blowback from many of the named and accused, who are using every tactic imaginable to silence the journalists.

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Stephanie Ruhle authors “MSNBC Live with Stephanie Ruhle” and “MSNBC Live with Velshi & Ruhle.” Previously, Ruhle served as anchor and managing editor for Bloomberg Television and editor-at-large for Bloomberg NEws. She has interviewed industry titans such as Donald Trump, Jamie Dimon, Martha Steward, and Al Gore. Ruhle produced and hosted the documentary Haiti: Open For Business? and participated in Sharkland: A Mission Blue & Fusion Expedition. Ruhle is a member of the board of trustees for Girls Inc. NYC and was honored as one of their Women of the Year in 2016

Kevin Hall is a senior investigator and chief economics correspondent for McClatchy Newspapers. He shared the 2016 Pulitzer Price as part of the Panama Papers team, and is a 2010 Pulitzer finalist and Loeb Award winner for reporting on Wall Street and the financial crisis. From 1999 to 2005 Hall was Knight Ridder’s Brazil-based South America bureau chief, and won the Sigma Delta Chi for BEst Foreign Correspondence in 2004.

Robert Friedman is founder and CEO of Bungalow, and has held an array of senior executive positions including President of Radical Media and Entertainment, Co-Chairman of New Line Cinema, and President of New Line Television. Bungalows’ credits include Emmy Award winning GIVE. The Panama Papers adds to his extensive documentary list, most recently including Under African Skies, Spring Broke with Alex Gibney, We The People and Paradise Lost with Joe Berlinger. His industry honors include being named ADWEEK’s “Media Man of the Year.”

Alex Winter entered show business as a child actor and came to prominence starring in movies such as The Lost Boys. He has directed three narrative features (Freaked, Fever, and Smosh: The Movie) and hundreds of award-winning television commercials and music videos. His VH1 Rock Doc “Downloaded” earned worldwide critical acclaim. Winter’s latest award-winning documentary “Deep Web” premiered at SXSW and opened wide as the #1 documentary on iTunes.

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