David Avital


David Avital

CEO and Founder of MTP Investment Group

David Avital is the CEO and Founder of the New York-headquartered MTP Investment Group and has experience with areas of investment ranging from real estate to technology.

As a businessman turned philanthropist, David is actively engaged in a variety of nonprofit organizations, think tanks, and policy initiatives primarily centered on issues of conflict resolution and the promotion of peaceful coexistence of communities in conflict. One such example is his seat on the board of directors of Seeds of Peace.

Avital works with many organizations, including Save a Child’s Heart, The Common Good, One Voice Movement, American Friends of the Open University, American Friends of Tel Aviv University, Israel Policy Forum/Center for American Progress, J Street, and the Institute for National Security Studies.

Avital was hosted by The Common Good to discuss the The Middle East and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict in 2011.