Jack Abramoff


Jack Abramoff

American lobbyist, businessman, movie producer, writer

Abramoff started his political career at Brandeis University as head of the College Republicans. After becoming national chairman of that group, Abramoff was soon named head of President Ronald Reagan’s grassroots lobbying organization on Capitol Hill. He held that position while attending Georgetown Law Center at night, and obtained his JD in 1986. After a detour into motion picture production, Abramoff returned to the nation’s capital to build one of the most successful lobbying practices in history. He spent a lengthy term in federal prison on corruption charges.

His downfall caused Abramoff to reassess his past, and his book Capitol Punishment is designed to alert our nation about what goes on behind the guarded doors of power in Washington, DC. Since his release from prison, Abramoff has appeared on hundreds of television and radio networks and programs, including CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox News Channel, CNN, MSNBC, “60 Minutes” and “The Colbert Report”.

Mr. Abramoff was hosted by The Common Good for a discussion about his book “Capitol Punishment,” which talks about reforming lobbying practices in U.S. national politics, in 2012: Jack Abramoff on Lobby Reform – June 20, 2012.

Twitter: @jackabramoff