Maria Cuomo Cole


Maria Cuomo Cole

Filmmaker and Director of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence

Maria Cuomo Cole has produced and directed films and public service announcements to raise awareness for social issues including homelessness, domestic violence, at-risk youth, and gun violence. She has captured numerous intimate first person stories of hardship and perseverance on film, video, and in print, which have been broadcast and published in a variety of media. Current film projects include documentaries on female veterans and reflections by prominent Americans on their personal mentors. Cuomo Cole has served as a Director of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence and the Million Mom March since 2005, participating in the strategic leadership of the organization. Since 1992 she has led the nonprofit agency, HELP USA as Executive Chairman. Under her leadership, the organization has expanded nationally to become one of the largest providers of homes, jobs and services for the homeless in the United States. Additionally, Cuomo Cole produced the documentary Newtown.

Ms. Cuomo Cole is an appointee of the New York State Advisory Committee on the Welfare of Children and Families and the Mayor’s Task Force to Combat Domestic Violence of New York City. She serves as a director of The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence and HELP PSI. This year she was honored with the American Red Cross Humanitarian Award and the Newark Now Award.

The Common Good hosted Ms. Cuomo Cole in May of 2011: Manhattan Society: The Common Good Hosts Screening for “Living for 32” and she spoke at The Common Good Forum & The American Spirit Awards 2014.

Twitter: @MariaCuomoCole