Rick Klein


Rick Klein

Political Director of ABC News

Rick Klein is Political Director of ABC News, leading the network's political coverage and planning, and serving as an on-air political analyst across ABC News platforms. Klein has contributed stories and analysis to all ABC News broadcasts, including Good Morning America and World News. He also provides regular political commentary and analysis for ABC News Radio, ABC News NOW and NewsOne, the network's affiliate news service. Klein also co-hosts Top Line, a political Webcast that's part of the Yahoo! News/ABC News "Power Players" series.

Klein also writes for The Note, a daily political blog and tip sheet that is published every weekday morning at ABCNEWS.com. The New Yorker magazine called The Note "the most influential morning tip sheet in Washington," serving as an insider's and outsider's guide to what's happening in politics and why. Starting in 2010, he began serving as Senior Washington Editor for World News with Diane Sawyer, working as senior Washington producer for the program in addition to on-air roles. Klein joined ABC News in 2007 from The Boston Globe.

Twitter: @rickklein