Suzanne Ehlers


Suzanne Ehlers

President and CEO of Population Action International

Suzanne Ehlers, President & CEO of Population Action International, has worked for the last 15 years to promote women’s health, rights and empowerment across the globe. She has been with PAI for over seven years, most recently leading the strategic direction of campaigns as Vice President of International Advocacy. Suzanne’s work focused largely on building and supporting advocacy capacity among indigenous NGOs; strengthening reproductive health and HIV integration; leveraging new monies for reproductive health supplies; and fostering innovative approaches to coalition building.

Under Suzanne’s leadership as President, PAI is leading U.S. and global advocacy for family planning; providing key technical and financial resources to partners in Africa, South Asia and Latin America; and building the case for women’s health as the connective tissue that holds together a host of other development concerns, from the environment to state stability to food security.

For the last two years, Suzanne has served on the U.S. government delegation to United Nations Commission meetings. She also sits on the Steering Committee of the Bangkok-based Asia Pacific Alliance; until recently, she chaired the board of the Janelia Family Foundation. She is an Environmental Leadership Liaison for Rachel’s Network, a network of women leaders “dedicated to the stewardship of the earth.”

Twitter: @SuzannePAI