Avenue: Bi-Curious - Pow-Wows Take Pols Past Party Ties


It’s the sort of unscripted moment between remarkable people that is common at events hosted by The Common Good, an organization dedicated to nonpartisan political dialogue. TCG events are held in small rooms full of exactly the right people. Those people are chosen by Patricia Duff, whose uncommon touch created The Common Good.

In recent years, her organization has gained a reputation for connecting global leaders with well-heeled influencers at small private events held throughout the year.

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The Maui News: Women’s March creator from Hana now ready to talk story


We were proud to honor Woman’s March founder Teresa Shook at The Common Good Forum, 2017, with the American Spirit Award for Citizen Activism. Her appearance at the Forum was profiled in The Maui News as her activism continues to ripple across the country:


“The Common Good, a nonpartisan public advocacy group in New York City, honored Shook this month alongside Arizona Sen. John McCain and former Secretary of State John Kerry. She received the American Spirit Award for Citizen Activism with the headline “One Woman Posts — The World Responds.”

“I was floored because the other two recipients were John McCain and John Kerry,”Shook said. “I was really overwhelmed with emotion. That whole event was amazing.”

The theme of the event was “Our Nation at the Crossroads,” and organizers sought to gather the brightest thinkers in the United States to spotlight public policy choices and to “bolster American democratic values.” Legislators, experts and news outlets participated in a forum discussing topics such as the press under fire, global threats and the growing economy.

Shook spoke to the crowd upon receiving her award.

“I was an unknown to these people, but I got some really good feedback,” she said. “So many people came up and thanked me. I accepted the award for myself and on behalf of every marcher, because it would not have been possible without them.”

Shook said that her message focused on hope and she shared stories of what other people have done since the marches in January. She said that an 8th-grader from Chicago told her that she was so moved by the experience of walking with her mother, aunts and grandma that she is making a documentary to inspire other students.

“I told them, ‘Don’t despair, because those people who stood up had a ripple effect and it keeps rippling,'” Shook said.”

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Invited NYC: The Common Good Forum - Bridging the Bipartisian Divide

On Friday, May 12th, the highly prestigious Common Good Forum convened at the renowned University Club of New York. The Common Good Forum, founded by trailblazer Patricia Duff, helps to bring influential multi-partisan leaders together, to discuss the nation’s security threats, economic growth, tech innovations, and the current state of United States democracy. The Common Good, itself a non-partisan organization seeks to promote reasoned national debate and support the free exchange of ideas from across divided partisan lines.

Notable speakers included Secretary of State John Kerry, former Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, Congresswoman Maloney, Women’s March organizer Teresa Shook, Marc Busch, Anthony Scaramucci, and Ambassador Jane Hartley. These leaders, along with other established attendees, were able to share their experience with members across the political spectrum.

At the prominent event, the American Spirit Award (ASA) was presented to former Secretary of State, John Kerry, for his distinguished public service. In his acceptance speech, Kerry stressed that both parties must put aside their differences, and come together to solve problems for not just the American people, but all human beings.

The Common Good history stretches back to the 1988 “Show Coalition”  in where entertainment business leaders banded together to connect and discuss issues of politics and public policy. From there, Writers, Directors, Producers, Politicians from all walks of life joined together to host initiatives of their own. The Common Good, officially established in 2007, serves to increase conversation about hard-hitting issues. Through these conversations, the organization hopes to move our country forward, together.

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Business Insider: Top Democrats say they won’t vote on a new FBI director until a special prosecutor is appointed


Speaking at The Common Good forum in New York on Friday, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand said Trump’s firing cast a dark shadow over the investigation, and she urged Republicans to “join in calling for an independent prosecutor in Trump campaign’s connections with Russia.”

“I believe that we should not actually vote on an FBI Director replacement until there is a special prosecutor,” Gillibrand said. “I think it’s really important. Because what is happening is a subversion of justice.”

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein could appoint a special counsel, who could subpoena documents and potentially seek criminal charges, but could still be fired by the president. 

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